15 Things You Should Know About Best Play School In Delhi.
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15 Things You Should Know About Best Play School In Delhi.
15 Things You Should Know About Best Play School In Delhi.

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Kindergarten at G.D. Goenka Public School, the best play school in Delhi, is the finest!

The mind is not a vessel to be fulfilled, but a fire to be kindled.”
– Plutarch

The purpose of education is to empower every child to create a success story of his own. Every child is a unique storehouse of potential ideas and skills to be discovered and nurtured to blossom. The academic success of children in later years depends heavily upon their kindergarten readiness. The first few years of education and preparedness are the most crucial to establishing a solid foundation from which children can adapt to school systems and learn successfully. During this period, children develop primary skills that form the foundations of reading, counting, and social interaction. In motivating the students to strive for excellence through a journey of creativity, critical thinking and innovation, GD Goenka has set a benchmark of its own and hence is known to be the best play school in Delhi.

As the tiny tots twiddle their way to the portals of Goenka, we here ensure that their ‘soon to begin’ voyage turns out to be a smooth sail and a much-celebrated sojourn of their life. We believe in the maxim ‘Catch them young’ and hence nurture the young saplings with immense love and care and imbue the rainbow of their imagination with enriching pastels of experiences.

The family-like atmosphere at our school ensures that the weaning process from home to school is safe and fun-filled and makes us the finest play school in Rohini.

The prime focus at the kindergarten stage at G.D. Goenka, the best play school in Delhi is to-

  • kindle the curiosity of students, provide a platform for exploration and address their spirit of inquiry
  • develop children’s social and physical skills and facilitate their cognitive development
  • strengthen students’ motor skills through art and craft classes and other outdoor activities
  • inculcate in children a fair sense of hygiene along with imbibing the ‘right’ ethics, etiquette and moral values
  • develop language and communication skills through ‘Show and Tell’, role play, dramatization, etc.
  • facilitate activity-based experiential learning to promote holistic development
  • ignite in students the desire to learn more through smartboard activities, powerpoint presentations, and videos
  • create a multi-sensory learning experience through Phonetics awareness program
  • introduce different concepts through a varied range of exploratory activities and action-oriented games
  • hone the skills of pronunciation, diction, and intonation through sing-along sessions and recitation
  • enhance listening skills through audio stories followed by group discussions
  • increase knowledge and general awareness of the students through Quizzes
  • promote free independent expression through class presentations, class assemblies, a talent show and other stage events like the celebration of National Days, Cultural festivals and Special Days.
  • foster agility, balance, coordination, discipline, leadership and team spirit through Physical Education program comprising of a range of cutting edge sports
  • Impart life skills through activities, videos, drawing, discussions, storytelling, rhymes, and songs
  • devise need-based remedial programs for students requiring special attention

A flower does not effloresce just because of its root, but the richness of each leaf and each stem has furnished its beauty, life has progressed into its rosiness bit by bit; branch by branch.

Similarly, we at G.D Goenka do not just focus on a few aspects of a child’s personality but our paramount objective is his holistic growth. Scaffolding is done at each level and active engagement of each child is the priority during this process. Believing in the notion that ‘nothing is more constant than change’, we strive tirelessly to build a human entity here ‘Brick by Brick’ through vibrant and creative teaching methodology, an entity of ‘Change Makers, thinkers and Path Breakers’. Our never-ending strive towards excellence has made us the best play school in Delhi.