dd English Declamation, Class IV
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English Declamation, Class IV
English Declamation, Class IV
English Declamation, Class IV

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An English Declamation Event aimed at honing oratory skills and encouraging active participation of all was held on October 25, 2017 for the young orators of Class IV. The participants presented their views on various relevant topics before the audience, which comprised of teachers as judges, the Middle Wing In-charge, parents and students.

The event served as an ideal platform for the students to showcase their oratory skills. The students were whole- heartedly applauded and encouraged by everyone in the audience. The parents were mesmerized by the eloquence of the young Goenkans. The event concluded with a brief sharing and feedback session in which Madam In-Charge congratulated the parents and the teachers who worked in tandem to bring out the best in their children. The result of the event is as follows:

Student’s Name Class and Section Position
Arjun Sharma IV – C First
Anvesha Diwan IV – C Second
Krishiv Gupta and Avika Rathore IV – C Third