Gandhi Timeline Making Competition; October 1, 2019
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Gandhi Timeline Making Competition; October 1, 2019
Gandhi Timeline Making Competition; October 1, 2019
Gandhi Timeline Making Competition; October 1, 2019

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“Peace is the most powerful weapon of mankind. It takes more courage to take a blow than to give one.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

The students of grades III-VII celebrated the national festival ‘Gandhi Jayanti’ on 1 October 2019 with much patriotic fervour and zeal through ‘Gandhi Timeline Making’ activity which also marked the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the universal apostle of peace and nonviolence. It was a delight to watch young Goenkans creatively presenting the chronology of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and his important movements.


III A Khyati Asija Tagore
III A Samaira Goel Teresa
III A Hitesh Kumar Vivekananda
III A Aarav Gupta Vivekananda
III A Ishan Vijayran Tagore
III A Tanirika Kaushik Teresa
III A Vyaan Goyal Teresa
III B Jagrit Singh Tomar Radhakrishnan
III B Jitne Vashishth Vivekananda
III B Hetanshi Jain Teresa
III B Hridyansh Arora Teresa
III C Kiaanveer Aggarwal Radhakrishnan
III C Akshat Khurana Tagore
III C Jaiveesh Gupta Tagore
III C Soham Chauhan Vivekananda
III C Hinal Jindal Radhakrishnan
III C Anvesha Mittal Radhakrishnan
III D Anvika Singhal Radhakrishnan
III D Aksh Sharma Teresa
III D Devanshi Vivekananda
III E Shaurya Jain Vivekananda
III E Sabhye Khindria Tagore
III E Kiaan Mahajan Teresa
III E Yuvraj Koli Vivekananda
III E Arav Sethi Vivekananda
IV-A Tavish Tayal Teresa
IV-A Myrah Gupta Tagore
IV-A Ishita Vivekananda
IV-A Saiansh Sharma Teresa
IV-B Ekas Tagore
IV-B Ehaan Tagore
IV-B Ayaan Teresa
IV-B Arnav Vivekananda
IV-C Aarav Tagore
IV-C Ananmay Jain Teresa
IV-C Aditya Radhakrishnan
IV-C Vansh Teresa
IV-C Abhyajeet Vivekananda
IV-D Prakshi Goel Vivekananda
IV-D Akshat Garg Teresa
IV-D Vasu Aggarwal Radhakrishnan
IV-D Kanishka  Tagore
IV-E Shreyansh Goyal Teresa
IV-E Somansh Garg Vivekananda
IV-E Atharv Goel Tagore
IV-E Tashvi Gupta Radhakrishnan
V-A Vivaan Bharti Tagore
V-A Deveit Mittal Tagore
V-A Aarav Jain Tagore
V-A Gurekam Singh Radhakrishnan
V-B Aarush Gupta Vivekananda
V-B Akshita Jain Vivekananda
V-B Deevansh Mittal Tagore
V-B Upnoor Kaur Juneja Teresa
V-B Aashna Bansal Tagore
V-C Shreyan Mittal Radhakrishnan
V-C Vivaan Gupta Vivekananda
V-C Sahil Jindal Teresa
V-C Rishit Garg Vivekananda
V-D Ananya Garg Radhakrishnan
V-D Mayank Radhakrishnan
V-D Shivam Sharma Radhakrishnan
V-D Suhel  Alam Radhakrishnan
V-E Yashika Gupta Vivekananda
V-E Avi Mathur Radhakrishnan
V-E Shanaya Aggarwal Vivekananda
V-E Yashika Tagore
VI A Arsh Garg Tagore
VI A Krishna Aggarwal Vivekananda
VI A Avyam Singhal Teresa
VI A Arjun Sharma Tagore
VI B Avani Agarwal Radhakrishnan
VI B Arshiya Garg Vivekananda
VI B Yuthika Vivekananda
VI B Anushka Mittal Radhakrishnan
VI C Arzoo Gupta Radhakrishnan
VI C Nishka Gupta Vivekananda
VI C Shreya Jain Vivekananda
VI C Divsheen Kaur Teresa
VI D Sanjana Vivekananda
VI D Riya Gupta Radhakrishnan
VI D Prisha Rana Vivekananda
VI D Jiya Chauhan Radhakrishnan
VI E Rukman Jaggi Teresa
VI E Laksheeta Radhakrishnan
VI E Yatika Goel Radhakrishnan
VI E Chesta Aggarwal Tagore
VII A Anshika Jain Tagore
VII A Navya Bansal Tagore
VII A Daksh Tagore
VII A Savya Singh Dabas Tagore
VII B Priyal Yadav Vivekananda
VII B Vedanshi Jindal Teresa
VII B Shanvi Jain Tagore
VII B Radhika Tagore
VII C Gehna Dhamija Teresa
VII C Shivansh Mittal Teresa
VII C Sarthak Garg Tagore
VII C Raghav Khandelwal Tagore
VII D Ananyaa Vats Teresa
VII D Vani Jain Teresa
VII D Simone Dutta Teresa
VII D Aanvi Grover Tagore
VII E Tanaya Madan Teresa
VII E Bhavni Sharma Vivekananda
VII E Bhavya Sethi Teresa
VII E Shivey Katyal Vivekananda
VII F Vasuh Gupta Vivekananda
VII F Taksham Bansal Vivekananda
VII F Shiv Goel Tagore
VII F Vedansh Garg Vivekananda