Melange–The Social Science Week
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Melange–The Social Science Week
Melange–The Social Science Week
Melange–The Social Science Week

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The middle wing celebrated its Social Science Week that saw fun-filled activities such as ‘Flavours of India’ organized for class VI and ‘Poster Making Competition’ for class VII on October 6, 2017.

The great chefs of Class VI participated enthusiastically in an Inter-class competition wherein they prepared delectable Indian cuisines, showcasing the relevance and history of the cuisines they prepared. The event gave the students a unique opportunity to explore the richness of India, the diversity in flavours and learn about the culture and cuisines of India.

The students of class VII displayed their creative streak and camaraderie to the hilt during an Inter-class poster making competition based on different historical events in ancient, medieval and modern history. Different events like Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre, Dandi March, Chauri Chaura Incident, Battle of Panipat, etc. were depicted in the posters by the students. This was indeed a great learning experience for the young Goenkans.

Class VI

Class Name of the Winners
VI A Group1 – Revati Shinkhere, Aditya Sharma, Bhargavi Bhargav, Asma Dumra, Ashish Bansal.
Group 2 – Saara Kapoor, Sneha Shokeen, Nehal Gupta, Kriti Gupta.
VI B Group 1 – Harshita Jaiswal, Siphtee Juneja, Shruti Chauhan, Kanak Kataria
Group 2- Olivia Aggarwal, Samaira Gulati, Vanshika Garg, Anant Jain, Chhavi Mathur.
VI C Group1- Namish, Kaustabh, Vardan.
VI D Group1- Mishti Mittal, Shanaya Aggarwal, Vaniya Aggarwal, Suhani Gupta.
Group 2 – Vansh Chopra, Aryan Aggarwal, Bhanu Narang, Kanv Gupta.

Class VII

Class Name of the Winners
VII A Janvi Jain, Ghanal Kapoor
VII B Khushi Garg, Aparna Kanodia
VII C Vanshika, Raashi
VII D Kush Garg, Keshav Garg.
VII E Vasu Gupta, Piyush Manocha.