dd Trip to Gwalior; October 18- October 20, 2019
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Trip to Gwalior; October 18- October 20, 2019
Trip to Gwalior; October 18- October 20, 2019
Trip to Gwalior; October 18- October 20, 2019

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“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.”    – Theodore Roosevelt

It is rightly said that history is a living reminder that ‘there is nothing new under the sun’, as such history is a living thing, an unending journey of the human race. Thus began the journey of young Goenkans of grades V-VII to the historic city of Gwalior on 18 October 2019 organised by school in collaboration with ITIHAAS.

On arrival, the students first had a rendezvous with royalty as they visited Jai Vilas Palace and museum which portrays the rich heritage of Scindias- the erstwhile rulers of Gwalior. Post lunch, the enthusiastic explorers  made way to Gwalior fort, an epitome of architectural grandeur. The visit culminated with the most impressive sound and light show in evening that narrated the history of Gwalior fort.

Needless to say that students were thrilled to have a great learning experience along with loads of enjoyment with their friends and teachers.

The annual educational school trip to Gwalior promised continued excitement and lasting memories for all as it moved into its second and final day on 19 October 2019. Post breakfast, the young Goenkans set off for a second visit to Gwalior fort to experience the grandeur and understand the present day relevance of the monument- a standing testimony of the bygone era. They had another brush with history at Rani Jhansi Park and the Memorial of Tansen- the famous musician and one of the nine ‘ratnas’ in the court of Akbar.

It was now time to say adieu to Gwalior and start the journey back to Delhi but the excitement had not ebbed in any way. Enriched by this one of a kind experience, the students have brought back a bag full of memories and souvenirs to be saved and cherished for a long time.