Voiceworks-The English Literary Week
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Voiceworks-The English Literary Week
Voiceworks-The English Literary Week
Voiceworks-The English Literary Week

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With an aim to hone the oratorical and creative skills of the students, the School organised ‘Voice Works- the English literary week’ for the students of classes III- VII from December 15 to December 19, 2017.

On one hand, where the shining stars of Class III enchanted everyone with their humorous advertisement presentations in ‘Ad-Zapper’ competition, the budding talent of grade IV and V enthralled everyone with their creative stories and poems in ‘Twist-a-Tale’ and ‘Musical Extravaganza’ respectively. Their unwavering confidence and poise impressed one and all.

Presentation by Class VI brought together the talented pool of Goenkans to dramatise their favourite literary character on the stage in their attractive costumes, make up and props. Each performance of ‘Character Dramatization’ was better than the other, thereby making the competition really tough. In ‘Ballad Recitation’ by class VII, the participants recited beautiful ballads with appropriate gestures, stress, rhythm and intonation. Each recital was accompanied with an enactment that touched everybody’s heart.

Ms. Deeksha Sharma, the Middle School Incharge appreciated and blessed the students for their hard work and zealous participation. By and large, Voice Works succeeded in its endeavour to equip the students with better communication skills, foster stage confidence and enjoy a positive learning experience.


Class III

Student’s Name Class & Section Position
Shreyan Mittal III B First
Ananya Garg III D First
Aarav Jain III B Second
Gaurisha Jain III A Third
Akshita Jain III D Third

Class IV

Student’s Name Class & Section Position
Yashi Garg IV A First
Harshil Raheja IV B First
Gatik Goyal IV C Second
Avni Agarwal IV A Third

Class V

Student’s Name Class & Section Position
Tanishq Goel V B First
Vasuh Gupta V F First
Ananya Vats V E Second
Kabir Arora V C Second
Aarushi Bhatia V D Third
Samaira Gupta V E Third

Class VI

Student’s Name Class & Section Position
Aadyanh Gupta VI B First
Vaniya Aggarwal VI D Second
Suhani Gupta VI D Third
Mishti Mittal VI D Third
Vanshika Garg VI B Third

Class VII

Class Position
VII C First
VII D Second
VII B Third