Have we ever wondered how every student in a class has been taught in the same way but still have different scores & success?
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Have we ever wondered how every student in a class has been taught in the same way but still have different scores & success?
Have we ever wondered how every student in a class has been taught in the same way but still have different scores & success?

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Yes, it surely depends on the student’s interest & brain capability but there is one more factor that we can’t ignore. It is the parent’s involvement in their curriculum.

Studies have shown that parents’ involvement plays a very important role in every student’s performance. An active parent involvement is necessary to bridge all the gaps between students & their success.

Maintaining a good balance between school & home becomes easy with parent’s involvement and this is surely one of the keys for success.

Multiple studies have stated that the benefit of parent involvement has been seen in the academic performance of the students in the classrooms and outside the classroom, the improvement in their discipline and problem-solving nature has also been noted.

The way this concept is demanding in the best schools in Delhi, it is challenging also. It generates doubts which are concerned about the working of these strategies. These Doubts includes the basic question which is:

How to Stimulate Parent Involvement?

The answer to this question comes up with only one basic answer which is FACILITATION. As it is not adequate for the schools to force the parents for their involvement.

The schools are required to influence them in such a way which promotes them to get involved in their kid’s future and should facilitate the meetings, that it serves easy for parents whether it’s a case of single-parent household or Dual income household.

Schedules should be correctly framed so that matches the conventional working hours.

Digital World helps a lot in this process in many ways. Some of them are:

Online Interaction

The best schools in Delhi have enabled a portal for the digital interaction between the parents and schools which allows them to share their opinions about assignments and other activities.

Online Schedules

Where the parents are entirely busy in their work, schools have created different reliable blogs to convey the important details and have also created a digital calendar to remind them the important dates.

Social Media Flow

Nowadays, parents are highly active on social media, the majority of them except all the information related to their ward on their phone. Thus schools are needed to put a step into the digital era to flow the engagement level with the parents. It could be possible through different social media platforms i.e. Instagram, Facebook, hangouts

With all these digital strategies to increase parent involvement, it has been seen that parents are satisfied with the working of schools in the smart way as the smart classes are widely preferred by the parents which allows the students to think and learn in the most effective way. Smart classes enhance the learning experience of the students and also increases their productivity as being the time saving technique it allows them to perform in interactive manner.

Getting digitalized is worthwhile, but practically it’s not enough. It provides enough exposure to the solutions but it lacks the face to face interaction between parents and schools. The actual meaning of meeting is alive by the innovative strategies which are based on the traditional mindset. These strategies include

1. Parent/Teacher conferences

An in-person visit is still here with a highly effective nature. Combining the digital era with these practical conferences stimulates the parent engagement.

2. Open House Events

A new tradition is being followed by most of the best schools of Delhi where they invite the whole family of students to improvise the relations between the teachers and other family members in-depth. It allows the parents to get involved with the school faculty who are the potters of the future of their kid and that’s how this tradition brings out the parent involvement and exchange of opinions and feedback brings parent communication. These open house events have been usually seen in the best schools of Rohini.


When both the digital and in-person traditions join hand in hand to involve the parents in their ward’s school life, it brings out the special results by successfully performing the parent engagement strategies which ultimately improves the student wholly in every aspect. The schools are performing well in combining both traditions and are expected to use both digital and in-person traditions in such a way that it becomes constructive to each other.