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Focusing on students’ health and wellbeing is very important for us at GD Goenka. Keeping this in consideration, the school is equipped with an infirmary to provide basic healthcare and first-aid services to our students in case of emergency.

Focusing on basic health-care of our students, our school is one of the best schools in Delhi, equipped with its own infirmary.

The school infirmary operates under the guidance of a qualified doctor. A nurse is also present all the time in the infirmary to provide basic healthcare and first-aid services.

Besides these services, regular health check-up practices by specialists ensure health and hygiene of students once every year. Monitoring their physical development is also important to understand and analyze their holistic growth. This regular check-up includes dental and eye check-up as well.

Besides these, all health records of the students are maintained and carefully filed in the school. In case of emergency, the students are taken to the best hospital nearby our school and parents are intimidated with due diligence and urgency.

While focusing on students’ health is important, it is equally important to cater to their interests and hone their skills. For this purpose, we have a Performing Arts Room. This room aims at providing a designated space for promoting the students to indulge in various aspects of performing arts and hone their talents.