Scholastic Excellence Award 2019
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Scholastic Excellence Award 2019

The aim of this award is encouragement and recognition of excellence. Any student who maintains high marks in all subjects over a period of 3 years is awarded points as per a predetermined scheme. This scheme has been dev eloped to identify and encourage students with outstanding academic ability so that they are motivated to excel at each level. To begin with, students scoring 85 at the Middle School level are identified. Then on a 3 point scale with the highest p % or more oint being 5 and the lowest being 3, students are given points based on the aggregate percentage. Detailed distribution of points is explained below.

Point Distribution

Classes III to V and VI to VIII

95% and above in aggregate – 5 Points
90% and above in aggregate – 4 Points
85% and above in aggregate – 3 Points

To qualify for the Scholastic Excellence Award:

Class III TO V and VI to VIII: The student must have earned minimum 12 points by the end of class V and class VIII respectively . (i.e. in three years time)