dd What are the benefits of sports for students?
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What are the benefits of sports for students?
What are the benefits of sports for students?

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Physical Education, which has long been viewed as only the means to stay fit and healthy, has got both, psychological and physical benefits because of which the best schools in India consider it to be essential for complimenting sedentary behaviour and for individuals’ future health. Physical Education is an indispensible part of the curricula of G. D. Goenka Public School, Sector 22, Rohini and the school’s sports curriculum ranges from physical activities and games to a well-informed and comprehensive science aiming to build stamina, team-play, leadership, discipline, resilience and endurance making it count in the list of the Best Sports Schools in Rohini.

Sports along with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle bring good results in the students’ lifestyle, minds and bodies. Playing sports helps strengthen the bones of the students and improves the stamina and the levels of energy in the body. Improving the endurance of the child, it helps to fight stress, anxiety and depression. Physical activities burn calories in the body and reduce the risk of obesity and other lifestyle diseases.

Sports enhance a student’s ability to focus and retain better by breaking the monotony of life. It allows the student to attain mental peace and satisfaction which in turn helps improve their cognitive aspect, preparing the scholars in the schools with high scores and grades. Instilling in the children valuable lessons of life, Sports aims to develop friendships centred on healthy, safe and enjoyable activities. In a sport, the child interacts with respective peers and tends to build social and communication skills. Sports students carry a sense of belongingness and appreciate the presence of peers.

Sports students can perform tasks with fewer struggles. At Goenka, the students perform various Aerobic and PT exercises during the morning assembly to kick start their day with exuberance and relaxed brains. The school believes in inculcating sports activities in the daily routine of the students thereby ensuring healthy minds residing in healthy bodies.

Sports is all about sometimes setting benchmarks and sometimes experiencing the role of being defeated. Playing sports help teach the students the value of honesty, team work, discipline and fair play. It teaches them about being humble, maintaining their self respect, confidence and managing stress. These values when engrained in Goenkans by their coaches and mentors create better leaders and individuals for the nation. The sense of healthy competition is imbibed in the children from a very young age when the students tend to perform sports activities as a part of ‘Sports Day’ and ‘Step Up Sports’. The students also show enthusiasm while participating in a myriad of Inter-Class and Inter-House Activities which are conducted every now then to keep the fervour high and involve the students who aren’t much sport enthusiastic.

The students view sports as a field with wide range of career opportunities that need professionals. The aspirations of the students are regarded by their mentors and given wings.  The school tends to prepare well trained sports enthusiasts, coaches and mentors and this is what makes the school rank in the list of best schools in India.

The school, to its students, provides a plethora of sports to chose from and attain specialised training. The list includes Football, Basketball, Aerobics, Yoga, Martial Arts, Table Tennis, Swimming, Volley Ball, Badminton and Chess. The school has a provision of vital facilities along with substantial equipments for facilitating convenience along with the campus area which is well endowed with Swimming pools, Basketball and Badminton courts, Skating rink and playground for its students to enhance themselves. The school observes immense participation of its students in various sports activities raising the Goenkan banner high and listing it in the Top Ten Schools of India by bring laurels at Zonal, State and National levels.

Writtern by: Ms. Savleen