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Communication in Education
Communication in Education

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Communication is not only the exchange of words, however articulate and clear those words may be; it is much deeper than that. Communication is learning from each other, understanding each other; and this comes to an end when you have taken a definite stand about some trivial or not fully thought out act.

– J. Krishnamurti

Communication plays an important role in Education of rohini’s school. We, at G.D Goenka, understand the importance that communication plays, whether it is teacher-learner communication, teacher-parent communication, or even learner-parent communication. We encourage activities and tasks that would promote communication across all channels.

Listed below are few channels endorsed by the best schools in delhi to keep the parents and the digital world at large abreast with all the latest happenings and innovations going on in the school of delhi:

1. The School Website:

With features like one click updates, flash notifications and live GPS bus tracker, the school website is an updated and comprehensive platform for effectively keeping in touch with the school’s activities and programmes offered.

2. Mobile app:

To encourage easy access to all parents with respect to syllabi, assignments and progress of the ward, the Campus Care facilitated Entab application access is provided to each parent with a personalised address. Its features allow the parents to be updated with leaves, activity calendar, examination calendar, syllabi, assignments and ward’s progress. As a messaging platform, the application also strengthens communication exchange between teachers and parents.

3. Notifications and alerts:

Along with the mobile app, parents are also updated with important information through text messages and emails.

4. Social Media:

The school’s Facebook page and Instagram handles are updated with achievements and honours brought by the students in recognition of their efforts.

5. Video:

6. Blog/ Newsletter:

Another effective tool for sharing updates, the newsletter is both a creative expression of students’ and a list of all important events, programmes and activities of the school.

Features of School’s Messaging Platform

1. Accessibility:

Easy download and easily accessible features of the messaging app makes the outreach quite popular. It can be easily downloaded on web browsers, tablets, ipads and smartphones. Parents can access the assignments, references and resources easily. Downloadable files make offline access easy so that the students do not have to be necessarily online while using it.

2. Privacy:

Privacy is of utmost importance. Parents, teachers and students do not need to exchange their contact details or any other personal information to communicate. Parents are provided access to the application through the administrative block.

3. Extra Tools:

Features like password and fingerprint recognition enable autonomy to the parents and the students. Moderated Messaging allows the parents also to communicate with the teacher.

Advantages of Moderated Platforms for Social Communication

The following are six key advantages to using a closed and moderated social network for school communications:

1. Teachers and administrators can control who sees information posted about students and their accomplishments. In a closed network, participation is by invitation only, and access is role-based, so nobody outside the closed circle (comprising of parents, students and fraternity) has any access to information (photos, videos, data) of any student. The information remains guarded and is not vulnerable for misuse.

2. Teachers and administrators have control over group communications. For example, they can facilitate communication among smaller groups, such as a single class or a certain subgroup of parents, while ensuring that this information is not shared with the entire community.

3. By unidirectional exchange of information, the risk of unwanted comments, replies and messages is curbed. Only important information is exchanged so one is not at the risk of being bombarded with too much information.

4. A single click messaging allows working parents to communicate with teachers without the need of booking special appointments and taking a leave for the commitment. This is indeed helpful in the case of queries or concerns parents who have newly become a part of the school family may have.

5. Teachers and administrators can send private messages to parents and vice versa. This facilitates secure, one-on-one communication between parents and school employees. E-reminders and messages are also eco-friendly and enable the school to make the vision of sustainable living and learning possible.

6. Teachers, administrators, and parents have access to each other amounting to a sense of support and trust in each other. Easy accessibility and availability facilitates faith keeping amongst all important stakeholders in a student’s life.


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