Bonjour India Interschool French Festival
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Bonjour India Interschool French Festival
Bonjour India Interschool French Festival
Bonjour India Interschool French Festival

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November 17, 2017

Globalization is a fact and the Goenkan vision and philosophy believes in opening global gateways and inspires students to explore beyond their national borders. Keeping with its ideology, the school celebrated Bonjour India Interschool French festival November 17, 2017 to promote cross cultural knowledge between students .The day witnessed a cultural extravaganza wherein students of classes VI to X participated in various competitive events. Soft boards, resplendent with information about French monuments, touristic places, French across the globe were put up to create the country in the premises.

The day was presided over by Mr. OilvierLitvine, the Attachée for Cooperation in French Language, French Embassy, accompanied by M. Manu Pandey and Ms. Priyam. The Principal, Mrs. RituPathak felicitated the guests and extended a warm welcome to them. The ceremony commenced with soulful rendition of a french song sung by a class IX student.

Each grade was assigned a different theme. The event commenced with Book mark designing competition for class V showcasing culture and civilization of France.

Class VI showed its creativity in painting t-shirts on the theme “Save the environment” to highlight the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

Character Dramatisation was the theme of class VII, participants being dressed up in some renowned celebrities India and France, enacting their scenes and scripting their parts with an effective use of costumes and props.

Classes VIII and IX demonstrated the French literature and art through an enactment on a fable of Jean de la Fontaine, a short skit based on the story” The Judgement of Solomon” from Hebrew Bible recitation of a poem by Maya Angelou, French songs and dance. The day had shown the contemplative intellect of the students, displaying artistic portrayal of the prominent French culture. Dancers of our school went on to mesmerize everyone with their performance on a contemporary French song.

A splendid cultural show was presented by the students, leaving the audience enthralled.

Mr. OilvierLitvine congratulated the teachers and students on their enthusiasm and creativity, and stressed on the value of a foreign language as an asset in the globalised world. Ms RavneetKaur, senior coordinator French language, delivered the vote of thanks and congratulated the students. The day was concluded with the world famous French cuisine. The zeal, team spirit and coordinated efforts of young Goenkans were well appreciated.

The cultural voyage was a wonderful discovery which unveiled the beautiful land of France and the endeavor was appreciated by the entire Goenkan fraternity. The students left with a spirit of accomplishment and a reinvigorated passion for the language of their choice.