Tech-Fest, Computer Science Week
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Tech-Fest, Computer Science Week
Tech-Fest, Computer Science Week
Tech-Fest, Computer Science Week

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

The school celebrated Computer Science Week from July 24 to July 31, 2017 that focused on enhancing the technological knowledge of students and providing the platform to students to express their constructional ideas and their work to a larger audience.

The week kicked off with a MS Power Point Presentation organized for class VI on July 24, 2017 wherein the dexterous participants in a team of two students each selected a country of their choice and designed a travelogue in MS Power point using their technological skills and creativity.

Techno- Poetry was organized for class III on July 25, 2017 wherein the participants enthralled the audience with their most amazing poems on a wide range of topics like computer, mobiles, electronic gadgets and internet. The students of class IV showcased their imagination and creativity in Poster Designing organized on July 25, 2017 on the topic ‘Gadgets of Future’. They made wonderful posters with gadgets like pollution sucking machine, underwater blue tooth panel, flora translator, etc.

Creativity was its peak when the budding minds of class V participated in Best out of E- waste competition organized on July 28, 2017 wherein they created beautiful articles like Ganpati, Rakhi plates, Dice, etc. with old CD. Old keyboard mouse and wires were used to make scorpion, pet dogs, dolls, etc.

The week concluded with an online Tech Quiz (designed with KAHOOT) organized for class VII on July 31, 2017 wherein the techno savvy Goenkans competed on their knowledge of latest technology, famous personalities, inventors and fundamentals.

Event: MS Power Point Presentation
Date: 24th July, 2017

Team Name House Class/Sec Position
1 Vinayak Aggarwal Radhkrishnan 6 A First
Aditya Goel Tagore
2 Khushi Bansal Tagore 6 D Second
Prapti Goel Vivekananda
3 Anchit Goel Vivekananda 6 A Third
Manan Aggarwal Teresa

Date: Tuesday, 25th July, 2017
Event: Techno Poetry

S.No. Name Sec House Position
1 Anshika Sawhney D Tagore I
2 Aashna Bansal E Tagore II
3 Shaurya Sehrawat E Vivekananda II
4 Radhika Mittal B Vivekananda II
5 Mallika Garg B Teresa II
6 Gurekam Singh E Radhakrishnan III
7 Yashika Gupta E Vivekananda III

Date: Tuesday, 25th July, 2017
Event: Poster Designing – Gadgets of future

S.No. Name Sec House Position
1 Nishka Gupta A Vivekananda First
2 Saisha Gupta C Vivekananda Second
3 Naisha Aggarwal E Radhakrishnan
4 Vanshika Singhal D Teresa
5 Aadi Jain B Radhakrishnan Third

Date: 28th July, 2017
Event: Best out of E – waste

S.No. Name Sec House Position
1 Aarnavi Malhotra B Vivekananda First
2 Pranay Agarwal D Vivekananda
3 Anhad Singh Madan B Vivekananda Second
4 Shreya Sood D Tagore
5 Naman Aggarwal C Vivekananda Third
6 Samaira Gupta E Radhakrishnan
7 Aryan Gupta F Vivekananda

Class: VII
Date: 31st July, 2017
Event: Tech Quiz

S.No. Name Class/Sec House Position
1 Kamal Nayan Panda VII- A Radhakrishnan First
2 Arpit Goyal VII- E Tagore Second
3 Mehul Gupta VII- B Vivekananda Third