Vasudeva Kutumbhakam; October 11, 2019
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Vasudeva Kutumbhakam; October 11, 2019
Vasudeva Kutumbhakam; October 11, 2019
Vasudeva Kutumbhakam; October 11, 2019

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“The most beautiful thing about the food is that it breaks the barriers.”

The students of Middle Wing donned their ‘Chef Caps’ to exhibit their culinary skills in Vasudeva Kutumbhakam – a culinary extravaganza held on 11 October 2019. Children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm as they prepared nutritious yet delectable international delicacies with an Indian touch. Dishes were judged on nutrition, taste, team effort, hygiene and presentation by the respective class teachers.

The event not only provided a platform for the students to foster their creativity and decision making skills but also helped them explore their hidden talents and discover new areas of interest.


III A Anjali Chopra Teresa
III A Aryan Yadav Radhakrishnan
III A Bhoomika Jain Vivekananda
III A Lakshman Aggarwal Vivekananda
III B Animesh Jain Teresa
III B Arnavi Gupta Tagore
III B Aradhya Dabas Radhakrishnan
III C Aarit Goyal Teresa
III C Aarav Kakkar Tagore
III C Arham Jain Vivekananda
III C Devansh Popli Tagore
III D Anvika Singhal Radhakrishnan
III D Nehmat Gupta Tagore
III D Devanshi Vivekananda
III D Diya Dhankhar Tagore
III E Sabhye Khindria Tagore
III E Ribhya Bansal Vivekananda
III E Yashika Teresa
IV-A Prisha Solanki Vivekananda
IV-A Rushil Tagore
IV-A Parth Bansal Tagore
IV-A Reyansh Jain Vivekananda
IV-B Ekas Tagore
IV-B  Ehaan Tagore
IV-B  Ayaan Teresa
IV-B  Arnav Vivekananda
IV-C Gaurav Tagore
IV-C Lavish Vivekananda
IV-C Kabeer Vivekananda
IV-C Ayaan Vivekananda
IV-D Prakshi Goel- Vivekananda
IV-D  Akshat Garg- Teresa
IV-D  Vasu Aggarwal- Radhakrishnan
IV-D Kanishka- Teresa
IV-E Shaurya Gupta Tagore
IV-E Harshita Teresa
IV-E Myra Rao Vivekananda
IV-E Parv Gupta Teresa
V-A Gurekam Singh Radhakrishnan
V-A Viivaan Bhartia Tagore
V-A Deveit Mittal Tagore
V-A Aarav Bhateja Teresa
V-B Samriddhi Agarwal Radhakrishnan
V-B Tvishaaggarwalla Radhakrishnan
V-B Adishagarwal Teresa
V-B Ananyagoel Tagore
V-B Maanyya Gupta Tagore
V-B Ipshita  Aggarwal Teresa
V-B Vanshika Vivekanand
V-B Kashvi Aggarwal Teresa
V-C Pratyaksha Aggarwal Tagore
V-C Prisha Goel Teresa
V-C Ishaan Tayal Vivekanand
V-D Suhel  Alam Radhakrishnan
V-D Ananya Garg Radhakrishnan
V-D Shivam Radhakrishnan
V-D Mayank Tagore
V-D Sania Sahni Tagore
V-E Rashi Mittal Vivekananda
V-E Shreyansh Gupta Vivekananda
V-E Jaysh Radhakrishnan
V-E Naman Goyal Vivekanand
V E Prinkal Goel Teresa
VI A Ananya Kumra  Vivekananda
VI A Avyam Singhal Teresa
VI A Arjun Sharma Tagore
VI A Vaibhav Goyal Radhakrishnan
VI A Avishi Jain Teresa
VI A Tanmay Kansal Teresa
VI A Naisha Aggarwal Radhakrishnan
VI A Tanisha Dheer Vivekananda
VI B  Harshil Raheja Radhakrishnan
VI B Tavish Gupta Radhakrishnan
VI B Arnav Dahiya Vivekananda
VI B Vansh Aggarwal Teresa
VI B  Avani Agarwal Radhakrishnan
VI B  Anay Aggarwal Tagore
VI B Suatmi Bansal Radhakrishnan
VI B Tisya Gupta Vivekananda
VI C Arzoo Gupta Radhakrishnan
VI C Nishka Mittal Radhakrishnan
VI C Shreya Jain Vivekananda
VI C  Ayana Arora Vivekananda
VI C  Divsheen Kaur  Teresa
VI D Ridha Rawal Radhakrishnan
VI D Bhavika Chatterjee Tagore
VI D Shreya Mishra Teresa
VI D Dhwani Gandhi Tagore
VI D Pranat Jain Radhakrishnan
VI E Tatsam Aggarwal Tagore
VI E Aarush Jain Radhakrishnan
VI E Apoorva Bhardwaj Teresa
VI E Aayan Gupta Radhakrishnan
VI E Nakul Teresa
VI E Harmandeep Singh Mathur Teresa
VI E Tavish Mathur Radhakrishnan
VI E Devansh Lakra Vivekananda
VI E Nishchay Mathur Tagore
VII A Piyush Goyal Radhakrishnan
VII A Purav Jain Radhakrishnan
VII A Shaurya Dahiya Radhakrishnan
VII A Sourish Radhakrishnan
VII B Arnav Bathla Teresa
VII B Shubh Gupta Radhakrishnan
VII B Tanishq Goel Radhakrishnan
VII B Aryan Gupta Vivekananda
VII C Gehna Dhamija Tagore
VII C Sharen Agarwal Tagore
VII C Abdhija Kaushik Tagore
VII C Trisha Goyal Vivekananda
VII D Lakshay Jain Teresa
VII D Madhav Singhal Vivekananda
VII D Arnav Goel Tagore
VII D Sarthak Arora Vivekananda
VII D Jeet Gupta Tagore
VII D Rudransh Bhardwaj Radhakrishnan
VII D Sayraa Arora Radhakrishnan
VII D Lavya Sureka Vivekananda
VII D Ananya Garg Vivekananda
VII E Lakshay Jain Teresa
VII E Madhav Singhal Vivekananda
VII E Arnav Goel Tagore
VII E Sarthak Arora Vivekananda
VII E Jeet Gupta Tagore
VII E Rudransh Bhardwaj Radhakrishnan
VII E Sayraa Arora Radhakrishnan
VII E Lavya Sureka Vivekananda
VII E Ananya Garg Vivekananda
VII F Aarav Gandhi Radhakrishnan
VII F Ruhaan Nagpal Teresa
VII F Vasuh Gupta Vivekananda
VII F Sonalie Sukheja Vivekananda
VII F Mahi Gupta Teresa