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Have a heart – Lend a hand – Make a difference.

The need of the hour is to have responsible and sensible citizens who are focused in their efforts and earnestly believe in values like benevolence, forbearance, humility, selflessness and equality in society. Endorsing the belief in sowing the seeds of the ideal qualities in young minds, the school has extended a helping hand to some non-government organisations, namely ‘Kamla Bakshi Vanaprastha Ashram for Senior Citizens’, ‘Gubbare – Giving wings to children’, ‘Grace- A Home away from Home’, ‘National Blind School’, ‘Rashtriya Pragya Drishti Sansthan’ and ‘Aadhar Special School’.
A variety of products is for Sale at the Stalls put up by HCRA (interventions for the differently abled) around Diwali. Proceedings from these stalls go towards their various projects for the differently abled, abandoned and under-privileged children.

Sending joy to the world and highlighting the spirit of brotherhood, the students regularly visit these NGO’s contributing in the best possible ways. Besides donating various items, they enthusiastically participate in playing games, riddle-cracking, art and craft, poem recitations, skit presentations, singing, dancing, etc. to build a joyous camaraderie with each other. Their visits to various NGOs like Humana help to educate them about service which is not just about spending time or resources, but a humane feeling, a life lesson. At Humana, students diligently contributed their time and efforts by sharing their knowledge and experiences. As students work within their community, they learn that they can be responsible for making great things happen.