dd Procedure for the admission in Best Schools of Delhi
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Procedure for the admission in Best Schools of Delhi
Procedure for the admission in Best Schools of Delhi

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Today’s world is full of competition in studies, every parent wants their kid to study well and secure a good life ahead. In the capital of India, it’s a cut-throat competition between the schools to be recognized as the best schools. For instance, Rohini as one of the notable areas of Delhi is considered as the hub of best schools of Delhi and the best schools of Rohini are to be known as the most prominent. Now when the first stage completes with the selection of the best school there comes a big dilemma about the admission procedure in the best schools of Delhi. It is considered as the most challenging phase for the parents.

Admission Procedure in Delhi School

Nowadays, Schools have initiated some portals and specific manners that regulate the admission procedure in an easy flow pattern which allows the parents to understand the process smoothly.

Before diving into the admission procedure of Schools in Delhi. We need to acknowledge the age eligibility criteria which have been followed by the majority of the schools.

Eligibility Criteria:

Class Age
Pre-Nursery 2+
Nursery 3+
KG 4+
Class 1 5+
Class 2 6+
Class 3 7+
Class 4 8+
Class 5 9+

After this, the whole procedure is designed in a staircase manner which allows the parents to understand the admission procedure of schools. It consists of different steps which are to be heeded.


Helpdesk in Best School of Rohini

Both Online & Offline Enquiry forms are available for admissions in the schools. For the assistance and any kind of help & feedback, different helpdesks are installed.Theyassist in the prescribed working hours.



Parents are required to purchase the prospectus of the school along with the registration form. In addition to all this, parents needed to carry one latest passport size picture of the child with a self-attested Date of Birth Certificate. The online form is also needed to be attached with it. After filling all the necessary details, it’s good to be submitted in the school.


Schools have facilitated the parents some personal interaction sessionswith the principal and other faculty members. It allows them to get a brief about the infrastructural facilities and otherinformation about the school. These sessions are allotted to the parents through the email that were mentioned in their applications.


After all the satisfactory success of the first three steps, the parents are required to fill the admission form in the prescribed manner along with the below mentioned required documents in the proper order. For any other assistance, helpdesks are installed.

The following documents needs to get submitted along with the Registration Form of the student:

  • A copy of the Birth Certificate of the student
  • A copy of previous year’s Report Card (Just for admission to class 1 onwards)
    Documents required at the time of admission:
  • Valid proof of passing the previous class.
  • 4 recent photographs of the student
  • 2 photographs of the parents
  • Original Transfer Certificate from the previous school (for students seeking admission from class 2 onwards)
  • Valid Proof of residence Original Certificates may be produced at the time of admission for verification.
  • Photocopies of all certificates in the field of Academics, Sports, Extra-Curricular activities (If any).
  • Photocopy of Passport if available. This is mandatory only in the case of overseas students.

The Documentation booklet should be filled properly with the instructions along with the admission form to generate good relations between school and parents.


After the submission of form along with the required documents, the applications of parents for the admissions of their childrenis evaluated to accept or reject. Their evaluation depends on various factors. First come, first served basis and Parents Interviews are the most common methods which are used in the admission procedure of best schools in Delhi.


Fee Payment in Best School in Rohini

If one’s application got accepted by the school, the parents are notified by the admission office and requested to pay the fee amount to confirm the admission. At the time of payment, the school provides receipts for the confirmation from their side along with all the booklets.


After performing all the tasks, especially paying the fee parents are invited for a formal induction programwhich is conducted by schools to make the parents comfortable with the faculty to improve the future relations with them which eventually helps to communicate the academic records of their children. It also builds the trust of the parents on the faculty members in respect of their child’s future.

After all these steps, finally, a phase comes with a path of the bright future of the kids. It all facilitated by some schools which are recognized as the best schools of Delhii.e. G.D Goenka school, Rohini because of their easy and effective admission procedure.