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  • A workshop on ‘Hindi Language Teaching and Evaluation’ was organised by ‘Madhuban Publication’ which was attended by Hindi faculty of the school.
  • Three faculty members from Mathematics department attended a workshop on ‘Exploring Maths for Digital India’ organized by Sparc Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation at Brahmakumaris, Gyan-Vigyan Bhawan, Derawal Nagar.
  • The workshop on Jodo Gyan organized for Mathematics faculty of class III – VII acquainted them with the effective use of Jodo Gyan Kits like Jodo Straws, Geo Board, Fraction Kit, Decimal Kit, Ganit Mafia, etc. in teaching various mathematical concepts in an interesting and fun way.
  • To add vistas in effective English language teaching, an informative and interactive workshop was conducted for all the English facilitators of class III to XII on the theme ‘Phonetics and Dictionary Usage’.
  • The interactive workshop on ‘Typologie des grammaires et la culture et civilization fran├žaise’ organized by Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd was attended by the school’s French faculty.
  • An interactive and informative workshop on ‘Enquiry Based Learning’ was attended by teachers of classes III to X.
  • An interactive and informative workshop on ‘Puberty: Myths & Facts’ and related concerns was organized by ‘Proctor and Gamble’ for the girl students of grade V to VII.
  • An interactive workshop was conducted by Daniel Berdichevsky, the founder of World Scholar’s Cup Programme and Vishal Verma for students of class VII. The session aimed at encouraging the students to not just focus on existing skills and areas of strength, but also to discover new ones.
  • An edifying workshop on ‘Handling Attitudinal changes in students’ was organised for the middle school teachers.
  • An innovative and interactive workshop on ‘Pedagogies of Teaching Hindi Effectively’ was organized for the Hindi faculty of the Middle school.
  • A workshop was conducted for the members of Mathematics faculty of Middle school on the theme ‘Vedic Mathematics’ which is generally known as Speed Mathematics and is useful for reducing time spent on calculations in various competitive exams.
  • A workshop was conducted for teachers of Middle school on the theme “Innovative teaching methodologies”.
  • An interactive workshop for Science teachers was conducted by Ms. Anjali Singh from Ratna Sagar Publications.
  • A capacity building workshop on memory training was organised for the faculty.
  • A workshop on ‘Lateral Thinking Skills’ for the Middle School teachers was conducted by the school counsellors.
  • The English faculty of the school attended a workshop on ‘Reading Vocabulary and Action Research’ organized by The Regional English Language Office of the Embassy of the United States at American Centre, New Delhi.
  • An informative workshop highlighting the various roles of Hindi in our daily lives was attended by the Sanskrit and Hindi Faculty of the school.
  • The Hindi Faculty attended a workshop themed ‘Ways and Means to develop Listening and speaking skills’.
  • A workshop themed ‘Enhancing Spelling and Vocabulary’ was attended by the Hindi faculty of the school.
  • A workshop on ‘Active learning: Speaking, Reading and Critical Thinking with Multiple Intelligences’ was conducted at the American Centre which was attended by the members of the English faculty.
  • A workshop on ‘Motivated Literacy’ was organized for all the language teachers of the Middle and Senior wing of the school.
  • An edifying workshop on ‘Theatre in Education’ was organised for middle and senior school teachers.
  • With an aim to empower teachers so that they bring out such teaching pedagogies that support a social constructivist view of students, an enrichment program presided over by Dr. Pankaj Arora Prof. CIE, Delhi University was attended by the teachers.
  • The Middle School Mathematics faculty members attended an informative that focussed on various ways of using Jodogyan kits by students for better understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • An interactive and impactful workshop to introduce effective techniques in teaching of Hindi was organized by the school for the middle and Senior School Hindi faculty members.
  • Keeping in sync with the month of April being celebrated as Global Astronomy month, an interactive workshop on Light Pollution was conducted for the students of Class VI in the School Hall.
  • A workshop was held in the school premises for the teachers of the Middle wing to enable them to use e- Beam interactive software effectively.