dd Student-Led Conference; February 09, 2019
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Student-Led Conference; February 09, 2019
Student-Led Conference; February 09, 2019
Student-Led Conference; February 09, 2019

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Our uniqueness, our individuality, and our learning experience moulds us into fascinating beings and this experience of Student-Led Conference instilled in our students the skill of reflection.

The ‘Student-Led Conference’, held on 9 February, 2019, was a wonderful opportunity for the students to demonstrate the trans-disciplinary skills that they are learning in a real context. The students were divided into groups and parents were invited in groups of 5-7 on the scheduled day. Each group presented an opening act on the basis of their interest areas. These acts comprised of theatrical act, heritage project presentation, dance, song, games, etc. All the worksheets, charts, projects and models prepared by the children of grades III-V w.e.f. April 2018 were compiled in a box folder which was presented in front of the parents as they act as a wheel in the learning cycle of their children. Also, a hands-on-activity was performed by each child to go beyond the textbooks and use analytical skills to conceptualize the experience. To give a more significant direction to the process of assessment, the students were involved in reflecting upon themselves on the basis of the work done throughout the year. They were assessed on five parameters namely, group presentation, individual presentation, adherence to time slot, uniform, and portfolio.

Student-led conference helped the parents know more about the learning that takes place in different areas. It also motivated the students to take the front seat in the learning process and act as an active participant while making the teacher a facilitator, motivator and a guide for them. The conference culminated with the students identifying their strengths and areas for future improvement.

The day proved to be a magnificent start to the new journey of the children.