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“Each child is a different kind of flower, when put together; they make this world a beautiful garden.”

In house academic assessments are our regular feature as we believe in early interventions. Depending on the assessments, tailor-made and child-specific home management plans are shared with the parents with regular feedback sessions held thereafter. The same plans are also shared with the teachers to facilitate effective management in the classroom.

Tasks are taken up to enhance children’s gross and fine motor skills through various hands on learning activities. Behavioural interventions using behaviour therapy in the classroom and at home is another important area where rigorous work is done on a regular basis. Play therapy and expressive arts therapy also enable positive development of the student.

Counsellors help students to develop positive self-esteem, accept responsibility and develop attitudes and actions necessary to achieve their goals. We also cater to growing and changing socio-emotional needs, cope with stress that might lead to feelings of isolation and develop an awareness of the child’s unique potential and creativity.

We believe in conducting workshops and presentations regularly with all the three pillars of education- teachers, students and parents. This regime is followed to ensure quality and continuous reinforcement.