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To tantalize the taste buds of the budding gourmets and to equip them with knowledge galore on myriad cuisines, basic table etiquette, hygiene and creative presentations, Culinary Club educates students on table laying, cuisines, balanced diet etc. The club allows the young chefs to get hands-on experience of cooking without fire and prepare mouth-watering delights such as creamy pastas, sandwiches, salads, chats, etc. under the guidance of the club facilitator.

‘Good Handwriting is clear thinking made visible.’ The club’s inception was set into motion with the need to develop this vital skill so as to improve students’ cursive handwriting skills, their abilities to work with peers in a somewhat loosely structured and stimulating situation, and to help teach them identify some of their own individual sensory needs and strategies to ensure that the message is conveyed with the intended meaning. The club focuses on honing the handwriting skill of the young learners through extensive drill and stimulating activities coupled with continuous feedback which enables them to strengthen and improve their handwriting.

To ameliorate the communication skills of the pupils by exposing them to the nuances of spoken English, French and even Sanskrit, the sessions are conducted on a weekly basis wherein the students are engaged with interactive daily life situations viz, greetings, making requests, seeking permissions, paying compliments, etc. A gamut of interactive and fun-filled activities allows the pupils to shed their inhibitions thus enabling them to speak the language effectively and confidently.

This club comprises of students whose passions dwell not just in communicating thoughts and information effectively but also in generating new ideas, products and processes through new media and technology. The age-specific mapped programs make the children future ready as the seeds of creative thinking and visual communication are sown by erudite mentors, pruned by minute yet unprecedented errors and harvested in various competitions based on Robotics, 3D animation, game development, graphic design, product design, digital photography, video editing, etc.

A novel endeavour, this club aims to expand the horizons of the budding minds by allowing them to explore and learn things beyond the text books. quiz on number skills and Indian mythology, company logo’s identification, tangram games, India map filling and theme-based role plays encourage peer to peer learning under the guiding tutelage of the experienced mentors.

The club aims to teach students life skills through the intelligent application of astronomy and space science concepts. Sessions are fun exercises with emphasis on group discussions and hands-on activities encouraging the inquisitive learners investigate and explore the intricate and mysterious vastness of universe. Online interactive sessions are a distinctive feature of the club that allows students to interact with the eminent personalities associated with astronomy and take their knowledge to next level. Evening observations, star gazing, asteroid searches and field visits to Astro-camps are common features of the club.

The club creates ample opportunities for its members to polish their language skills through an extensive range of well-designed activities such as poem composition and recitation, story writing and narration, dialogue writing, ad-mad show, debates, extempore and speeches. The engrossing sessions augment and amplify linguistic powers of the young scholars with respect to pronunciation, diction, vocal expressions and voice modulation.

The Heritage Club is an endeavor to keep students upbeat about the rich cultural heritage of our country and to instill a sense of pride and camaraderie in our learners. Students work together in groups, exploring extensively about various states and share their knowledge through gripping presentations comprising of role plays, audio-visual aids, dances, quizzes and use of varied props.

Reading is the gateway to knowledge and to inculcate in students the importance of reading and to enhance their reading skills, ‘Author’s Time’ is conducted wherein the students read short stories by renowned authors like Enid Blyton, Ruskin Bond, R.K. Narayan, Oscar Wilde, Premchand, etc. and famous plays by William Shakespeare. A discussion that follows soon after stimulates the young minds and develops their imagination and creativity.