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Literary Club is committed to tap the effective communication skill among the students and equip them to think spontaneously. The club aims to foster love for language, enhances literary creativity, love for reading and writing and provides an avenue for self-expression and confidence in public speaking. The needs of avid readers and learners with great interest in English, Hindi, French and Sanskrit Literature are catered to through activities like quizzing, debating, creative writing, elocution, etc.

The club aims at developing students’ natural curiosity about the world .It introduces to them the elements of Geography that they otherwise do not experience. The exciting geographical quizzes and games involving atlas, maps or capital cities provide an enriching experience to learners. They undertake varied projects and work for conservation of environment.

This club takes a flight to the exquisite and mouth watering delights to nurture the budding palates of our chefs in the making and foster finesse in their personality. Students learn to cook without an open flame and imbibe nuances of fine dining. They gain awareness about national and international cuisines. From creamy pastas to delectable desserts, from savoury items to sweet baked products, students whet their culinary skills through enriching exposure to various cuisines, chopping techniques, nutritional values of culinary ingredients, creative presentations and processes in cookery.

The club creates realistic opportunities for its members to get acquainted with the challenges of the business world. Exposure through various activities, projects and field trips makes the subject engrossing and experiential for the students. The members get a chance to file Income Tax Returns of the staff members, bring out their magazine – ‘Comniverse’ and hone their marketing skills by emulating market scenario and selling their business propositions in the school premises during ‘Ingenium’. The club also takes initiatives to organize workshops, seminars, field visits and talks to enhance the business acumen of the students in the commerce stream.

To explore myriad realms of uncharted knowledge and to dab the world of everyone around with its glistening glory, student enthusiasts, teachers and reflective mentors, by the means of this club, engage themselves into discussions that evoke thoughtful response. The club introduces students to extensive reading of the newspapers and magazines. Themes for brainstorming range from politics to religion, mythology, astronomy and metaphysics.

This innovative club aims to hone the capacity of students to be conversant with various forms of media and to cognize them to employ these media to express themselves. Students are introduced to photoshop, multimedia, web designing and animation software that allows them to combine photos, narration, animation and videos to create movies in a QuickTime format, making them technologically adept.

The club provides the students with a unique opportunity to experience the wonders of astronomy. This club, which is part of a larger effort, supported by NASA, to enhance the teaching of space science, can provide focused experience beyond the scope of the school curriculum.

“I arc across the sky to discover its various shades, to fly unfettered and paint the bubbling world of my imagination.” The Art Club capitalizes on students’ sprouting thoughts, making them walk beyond the constraints of the curriculum. The students learn calligraphy and enjoy freedom to experiment with oil pastels, water colors, pencil, ink and pen, acrylics and engage in oil painting, fabric painting, and wood carving, stencil printing, etc. The club also provides the learners copious aesthetic experiences through contemporary art, art criticism and other such activities which blossom their creative energies.

Theatre forms a rubric of personality development or self-development. The theatre club aims to get children to shed inhibitions and help them express themselves, their aspirations and desires – through dramatics. Under the guidance and able mentoring, amateur artists are constantly nurtured so that they emerge as confident theatre experts, discovering latent sides of their personalities.

The knowledge of the RagaandTaalhelps students refine the expression of the self through music as they practice different genres of the Indian music and learn to play varied musical instruments like tabla, harmonium, cahoon etc.

Studying, preparing and performing solo and ensemble instrumentation of various styles and genres of western music forms a part of the curriculum. The club also aims at providing opportunities to members to watch performances of famous bands, artists, musicians. The students learn chords and beats on guitar and drums.

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN , ‘Mock UN’ or MUN, is an educational simulation and an academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. The students have received International exposure by assuming the role of UN representative at the sixty-third session of Harvard Model United Nations, held from January 28 to January 31, 2016 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, USA. Participants from the school augmented their exposure and developed their insight into the international affairs at Sadhu Vasvani International School, Shantiniketan and brought laurels to the school by claiming the ‘Best Photographer Trophy’ and receiving Special Mention.